CSI: The Love

Hey Guys I (Nicks_Wifey_07) Creator Of The Site Just Want To Tell You The Story Behind Why I Made This Site. My Main Reason For Making This Site Was Because I Have Been Noticing Huge Arguments Starting On Other CSI Sites because people have been ragging on certain relationships and people from CSI. Well I am trying To Stop All This Drama. So I Made A Site For ALL the Relationships From CSI. This Way There Is A Specific page For all of the different Relationships. Now There shouldn't be any problems Because You'll Kinda like..IDK.......Have Your Own Place To Go For Your Own Interests.......Enjoy Yourselves And If You Have Any Problem At All Send Me A Message And I will try my best to help.

Here Are Some Of The Top Relationships:

The Kiss

~Pure Joy~
Catherine & Gil, the PureJoy

Willows and Warrick - CSI